The B4U Wallet App User Guide

Welcome to the B4U Wallet App Complete Guide! Whether you’re new to crypto, regular user or just here check out B4U Wallet features, here’s a simple guide on how to use the B4U Wallet App. Let’s get started!

How to Sign-in/Sign-up

Step-by-Step Guide to Signup (or Registration). Before Sign-in user has to register on B4U Wallet App, which is very simple and easy procedure. At very first user has to visit Web B4U Wallet app by clicking on Sign-up to register for an account and complete required fields; EMAIL, PASSWORD and REFERRAL CODE if you have any or leave it blank then please check box to accept TERMS & CONDITIONS by clicking on it, then proceed on clicking Sign-up

To complete registration, Confirmation email has been sent to your inbox, please click on confirm button or copy paste url in your web browser to confirm your B4U Wallet account.

After this you will receive a pop up that your EMAIL ADREESS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED which mean you are registered to B4U Wallet app.

Now you have to login again using same email and password you use to Sign-up for B4U Wallet app. If you forget password or cant login or vice versa use FORGET YOUR PASSWARD option.

Phone verification for Deposit & Withdraw

Phone verification is required before any Deposit, Withdrawal, Buy or Sell of any currency. User have to confirm his/her phone verification for once by clicking phone verification button in profile menu, After clicking on PHONE VERIFICATION BUTTON you are forced to enter your mobile phone number and after you add your phone number you have to click send verification code on your mobile phone number, once you will receive OTP on your mobile number you have to enter confirmation code in required field by clicking next button your phone number is verified and confirmed.

After confirming phone number you will move to IDENTITY VERIFICATION section, complete required fields (First Name, Last Name, DOB, etc) and after clicking NEXT you will move to DOCUMENTS VERIFICATION after completing and providing required documents you are now authentic use for deposit, withdrawal, buy or sell crypto or fiat currency.

2FA Button: Enable 2FA button before trading, deposit, withdraw, buy or sell; 2FA is double security for your secure transactions.

How to Withdraw/Deposit Cryptocurrency to/from the B4U Wallet App

A withdrawal/deposit from the B4u Wallet App is a transaction of transferring/receiving Crypto or Fiat from the Wallet App environment to an external address (usually a wallet or an exchange).

If you want to Withdraw/Deposit, Just click on Wallet button on left top corner in drop down menu, here anyone can deposit, withdrawal, buy or sell crypto and fiat currencies.

Withdrawing Cryptocurrency to the B4U Wallet App

If you want to send crypto to your friend, from left top corner of app select Wallet option, Select which cryptocurrency you would like to Withdraw, after selection you have to ADD withdrawal address and withdrawal amount of Cryptocurrency you would like to send and confirm your transaction and hit enter on withdrawal button, after some confirmations crypto will transfer.

Depositing Cryptocurrency to the B4U Wallet App

Are you looking for deposit crypto, on left side of app you will find currency list, select the one you wish. Click on the “Copy” beside your deposit address to copy the address to your clipboard and share address to receive currency or use QR code option to share your deposit address with friend  to receive crypto/fiat to your wallet from your friend after confirmation.

Buy/Sell Cryptocurrency/Fiat with B4U Wallet App

After Withdraw/Deposit option you will find BUY & SELL, anyone can buy or sell, trade or exchange from one crypto/fiat to another crypto/fiat by selecting currencies which they are interested in. Congratulations! you’ve purchase, sell or exchange cryptocurrency/fiat to your B4U Wallet. Just in few clicks.