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What is RSCOIN (RSC)?

RSCOIN is an innovative digital payment system and a new kind of cryptocurrency that works globally just like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. RSCOIN uses the principles of cryptography and peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authorities or banks. So the digital currency is totally decentralized. Issuing of RSCOIN is carried out collectively by the blockchain network. Different from other cryptocurrencies the RSCOIN allows Private, Instant, Secure and privacy protected Transactions. RSCOIN is using ZeroCoin protocol that provides full privacy to the users. RSCOIN is a permissioned blockchain offering the advantages of other digital currencies – faster and cheap transactions are recorded in a shared distributed ledger without harming the Bitcoin (BTC) network where you or anyone can be an anonymous node on the network.

How Rscoin (RSC) Works?

You can get started with Rscoin (Rsc) without understanding the technical internal details. Instead of anonymous miners, only the central bank and vetted verified financial operators are allowed to validate Rscoin transactions. Rscoin is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin BTC, Bitcoin cash BCH, Ethereum ETH, Dash DSH, and so many other digital currencies but very different from each one of these as Rscoin allows Private, Secure, Instant and Verified Transactions very fast. Existing currencies like Bitcoin uses Proof of work algorithm (POW) which is very energy-intensive and more Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies require High Transaction fees, transactions are not secured at all can be traced with some simple tricks, transactions take time but RSCOIN brings the solution to all of these concerns of a crypto user and traders.

The Proof of Stake (PoS) 3.0 algorithm is version 3 of the (PoS) algorithm which implements RSCOIN and provides cold staking that allows any person to delegate his staking power to another digital wallet. This helps in keeping coins secure and secure in any offline wallet, while an empty wallet stays online 24/7 and earns rewards for his offline wallet.

Why to Choose RSCOIN?

RSCOIN (RSC) makes use of the ZeroCoin protocol that provides ultimate privacy to the users. The Zerocoin protocol converts public RSC into anonymous RSC making it more secure. Transactions are confirmed with SwiftX protocol and spendable within seconds with RSCOIN. SwiftX transactions are guaranteed by the network of master nodes just like litecoin, with a no need to wait for multiple confirmations making long waits off for validity of the transaction.

Rscoin (RSC) has the following digital Feature:

• Fast: get your transitions in seconds.
• Secure: A most robust blockchain technology.
• Simple: easy-to-use internationally.
• Reliable: A network with no congestions and contradictions.
• Low Fees: Send money globally for as little as small pennies.

How to Buy and Trade RSCOIN?

You can store your RSCOIN in a many different ways. The easiest and simplest method is by using an RSCOIN mobile-wallet. RSCOIN wallets are free to store and trade RSCOIN globally. They are super easy to use with cool user interfaces and support instant transactions to buy, sell and exchange RSCOIN along with multiple fiat and cryptocurrencies. Once you have installed a Wallet on your computer or mobile phone (Android or IOs) it will generate your address and you can also create more whenever you need one. You can disclose your addresses to your loved ones so that they can pay you or you to them.

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