What Is Bitcoin?

Backed by code rather than physical value items like  gold

Bitcoin was launched in 2009. At the start, it was worth in cents because it was new and no one around the globe was interested in this currency. Now since we are in writing about bitcoin one bitcoin is worth thousands of dollars and it’s worth is still getting stronger. Bitcoin will do to banks what email did to the postal industry, that’s what people from the cryptocurrency domain say. The very first-time bitcoin was used to purchase pizzas from papa johns. The buyer gave 10000 bitcoins that were equal to $41 at that time in 2010. Today 10K bitcoins are worth millions. It was made open to the public under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, whose identity is still a mystery. It was the first cryptocurrency, a form of digital cash. The reason behind inventing bitcoin to get rid of traditional intermediaries like banks and governments to make financial transactions.

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Why invest in BitCoin?

Thriving and getting stronger everyday a successful trade

Investing in bitcoin is still too early and a lot of people are still investing in bitcoin cryptocurrency. The value of the market it stands to disrupt is the trillion dollars while its value is still a tiny fraction. It’s still too early to invest in Bitcoin. If you are a newbie in this industry and have lots of cash to invest in this industry, then, it is a nice idea to sit with serious professionals who have years of experience in the cryptocurrency market. Joining hands with some non-professionals may cost you your investment. So, it is advised to only choose the right professionals for the right services. Bitcoin is thriving and getting stronger every day.


Choose the Right Expert

Choose Only Right Professional for better and secure Invest.


High Profit

Earn High Profit on Your Daily Investment.


Top Digital Currency

Bitcoin is the leading world digital currency.


Easy to Exchange

Exchanging bitcoin with other digital currencies are easy.

How To Exchange BitCoin?

Connect with B4U Wallet exchange program and start exchanging

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Features of Bitcoin?
  • Easy and Reliable
  • Getting Stronger
  • High ROI Rate
  • Wallet made it Easy
  • Anywhere & Everywhere
  • Easy to Exchange