What is BitCoin Cash?

The Fork of Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

It was introduced in 2017 as a spin-off or altcoin of bitcoin. In 2018 it was split into two cryptocurrencies Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin Cash. It is also referred to as Bcash in the cryptocurrency world. Bitcoin cash does not need any central authority like a government or bank. All transactions done in bitcoin are recorded in a global ledger known as a blockchain. If you are new to the cryptocurrency world and want to invest in cryptocurrency then this hard fork is essentially a split form the blockchain. Think of it as a bank headquarters – if you go in the real world apart from the electronic currency, there were multiple franchises including the regional headquarter splitting from local franchises. This is very similar. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash both use the same algorithm, however, they have different ways to interpret it. Once you split Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin, Both use their protocol.

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Why invest in BitCoin cash?

You can’t buy Bitcoin Cash.Choose Wallet to Exchange Currency

If you want to invest in the Bitcoin Cash then you must know that it is a currency. Meaning, it will not act as a bond or stock. Instead of buying shares you are swapping your local currency for Bitcoin Cash Currency. For example, $266 is equal to 1 bitcoin cash today. The goal is to rise bitcoin cash value so this way you can exchange back to dollars in the future. Since no proper stockbroker is sitting in your local area so you can easily buy the bitcoin cash. To exchange your local currency to Bitcoin cash you have to use a digital wallet. A cryptocurrency wallet such B4U Wallet will help you easily exchange your money in Bitcoin cash.


Best Investment Opportunity

It is the best investment opportunity in digital currencies industry.


Rapid Industry

Bitcoin Cash is the rapid growing industry in the world.


Return on Investment

Invest today and earn a high return on investment tomorrow.


Bitcoin Cash Goal

Bitcoin Cash goal is to raise its value to exchange back to dollars.

Exchange BitCoin Cash?

Use B4U Wallet to exchange your currency in Bitcoin Cash

B4U Cash can’t be bought through any broker. You need a digital wallet to use your local currency and exchange it with Bitcoin Cash. The Bitcoin Cash value has dramatically increased since 2018 and it has reached its maximum potential.B4U Wallet is the digital wallet. You can exchange your local currency with more than 10+ cryptocurrencies through B4U Wallet. B4U Wallet was introduced in 2017 and since its launching month, it is considered as the top digital wallet.

Features of Bitcoin Cash?
  • Invented in 2017
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • Ready to be Purchased
  • Sell Anytime
  • Multiple Developing Teams
  • Exchange BCH