What Is Ripple?

Ripple was first known Open Coin and was launched in 2012

Previously known as OpenCoin, Ripple is a secretly held organization that is building a payment and exchange network (RippleNet) on a circulated record database (XRP Ledger). The fundamental objective of Ripple is to connect banks, payment suppliers and advanced asset exchange, empowering quicker and cost-productive worldwide payments. Ripple was first romanticized in 2004 by Ryan Fugger, who built up the principal model of Ripple as a decentralized advanced digital monetary framework (RipplePay). The framework went live in 2005 and was intended to give secure payment solutions inside a worldwide network. In 2012, Fugger handed over the project to Jed McCaleb and Chris Larsen and together they established the US-based technology organization OpenCoin.

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Why invest in Ripple?

Ripple has become the fastest growing crypto currency worldwide

Ripple has become a famous topic lately as it turned into the #2 cryptographic money for a concise period. While it was exchanging at around $0.20 simply a year ago, it’s presently worth more than $3.25 per coin and proceeding to rise. Note that Ripple is the organization, and XRP is the coin, yet most people call it Ripple. Ripple (XRP) is not quite the same as numerous other well-known cryptocurrencies since it was made by a private, revenue driven company. This organization needed to empower a frictionless method to send cash all globally, and its coin Ripple is the way it does it.


Ripple Market Cap

Ripple Coin Current Market Cap is $6.51B.


Ripple Volume

The Current Volume of Ripple is $1.42B.


Current Circulating Supply

The Current Circulating Supply is 43,842,625,397.


Max Circulating Supply

The Max Circulating Supply is 100,000,000,000.

How To Exchange Ripple?

Exchange Local Currency in Ripple easily and securely

“Exchange in Ripple may need some extra steps than other cryptocurrency exchange”. That’s what the world says. However, B4U Wallet is the platform that helps you easily exchange your local currency in Ripple. XRP is the coin that is being traded. But since Ripple has become the 2nd most exchanged currency globally, most people know it as Ripple. Download the B4U Wallet app today from Play Store for a safe and secure exchange experience.

Features of Ripple?
  • Market Cap is $6.51B.
  • Current Market Cap Rank is 3rd.
  • current market dominance is 4.20%.
  • Ripple is traded in 613 markets.
  • Circulating Supply 43,842,625,397.
  • Max Supply is 100,000,000,000.