What Is US Dollar?

Joachimstaler was a silver coin  known as the Dollar in English

The US dollar is the world’s most utilized cash in worldwide exchanges and the most dominant reserve currency. It’s used in a few nations around the globe as official money, just as the first currency in bounty more places after that. The famous dollar greenbacks are perceived the world over and you’ll hear huge amounts of nicknames for them, from Benjamins to doubloons, clams to smackers. In the 16th century, a person of Bohemia known as Count Hieronymus Schlick started minting silver coins and named them after Joachimstal the Joachimstalers. The valley where these Joachimstalers were mined is known as the Czech Republic in modern-day. Joachimstaler was changed and shortened in taler and once it reached other regions like Norwegian, Danish, Swedish people started calling it in Dutch as a dealer, in Italian as Tallero, in Hungarian as a teller and English as Dollar.

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Why invest in US Dollar?

Investing in dollars can make you rich overnight

Numerous individuals imagine that putting resources into dollar seems like a fascinating, yet unsafe endeavour. The dollar trade or forex market are to a great extent overwhelmed by banks and institutional investors, however online financiers and promptly accessible edge exchanging accounts have made forex trading open to everyone. Individual investors can profit by understanding the advantages, risks, and best approaches to put resources into dollars. While it’s the biggest and most liquid market on the planet, you ought to be discerning of the numerous risks that set it apart from traditional equity and bond markets.


World’s Leading Currency

US Dollar is the world’s leading currency.


Strong & Stable

US Dollar is strong & stable in global exchange.


High ROI Guaranteed

High return on investment is guaranteed on investment.


Invest with Minimum

Start with minimum funds on your own.

How to Exchange in Dollars?

Stop paying broker fee. Download Wallet for free dollar exchange

It takes a lot of effort to exchange your local currency in the dollar. However, it only happens when you stand in a long queue outside your local broker office. You will be paying the broker fee as well during the exchange.B4U Wallet brings the smart, secure and privacy protected smartphone app that lets you easily buy dollars on the current rate without paying the extra fee. Download the B4U Wallet app today.

Features of US Dollar?
  • 87% Trades in Dollar.
  • Global Currency for Exchange.
  • Made of Cotton and Linen.
  • $100,000 bill was printed in 1934.
  • Strong & Stable.
  • High ROI Guaranteed.