What Is Euro?

There are total 19 countries use Euro as their local currency

There are 8 denominations of euro 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500, however, notes over 50 Euros are rarely found. Euro has the same design across the Eurozone, so a 10 euro design will be a universal design whether you receive it in Greece or France. As per the coins, the denominations of coins are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents along with 1 and 2 euros. However, each country in Eurozone can design the back face of the coin according to its national identity. As an example, the Irish made Euro coins shows an Irish harp. These coins are easily transferrable across borders, so a traveller can use Euro coins in one country in any other Eurozone country. However, there are still other countries that didn’t follow and adopt the euro, such as Switzerland, Denmark, Croatia, Sweden and Norway.

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Why invest in Euro?

Investing in Euro may return with extra return on investment

Currencies are not viewed as feasible long haul investment since they don’t generally drift up after some time, similar to equities or bonds. Or maybe, investors hoping to differentiate their portfolios abroad might need to look into foreign equities or bonds. These alternatives offer fundamentally more prominent long term upside potential, given that they are sponsored by genuine organizations as opposed to only a method for the transaction. Financial investors may, however, be keen on buying currencies to support out currency risk or bet on a currency’s rise or fall. For instance, a European financial specialist who claims a great deal of U.S.


More than 19 Countries

Euro is used in all Eurozone in more than 19 countries.


All Time Strong Currency

Euro is the strongest currency of all time.


Good ROI on Investment

Investment in Euro returns with good ROI.


Minimum Investment

One can start with the minimum amount for a good profit.

How To Exchange Euro?

Our app has skipped local broker fee.

Exchanging in Euro may cause serious analysis and one should run wait for the perfect chance to buy. If you are thinking to buy Euros through a local broker then, you must be prepared for paying extra money to him as a service fee. While with B4U Wallet there are no middlemen on the curtain it’s you and a secure and privacy protected user interface to exchange your local currency in Euro.

Features of Euro?
  • High Profit Exchange.
  • Quick Increase in ROI.
  • Forex’s Largest Currency.
  • Strongest & Stable.
  • Rapid Growing Market.
  • Minimum Investment Opportunity.