What Is Lite Coin?

Cheaper Transactions and Everyday use

As more and more people are stepping in the cryptocurrency world, people are looking for other opportunities outside of Bitcoin and Ehtereum to invest in. Litecoin is the digital currency that increased its value by 7,291% since 2017, while the Bitcoin value increased only 1731%. Litecoin looks a popular currency to invest in. Unlike the Bitcoin author Satoshi Nakamoto whose personality is shrouded in mystery, Litcoin was created by Charlie Lee who was an ex-google employee and is very active on social media and technology blogs. Litecoin was released on October 7th, 2011 through an open-source client on Github. It went live on October 13th, 2011. It is also considered as the fork of Bitcoin Core client. While Bitcoin is the ‘gold’ and a store of value for long-standing purposes, Litecoin is cheaper and used for everyday purposes and is seen as the ‘silver’.

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Why invest in Lite Coin?

Litecoin is a currency and cannot be bought via a broker

The important thing to remember about Litecoin is it is a currency and it can’t be bought through a broker. You need a secure digital wallet to exchange your local currency with Litecoin.  As of the current day value, the 1 LTC is equal to $48.34. The Litecoin value will rise which means people who have exchanged their local currencies with Litecoin can exchange Litecoin back to dollars with profit.

There are several digital wallets in the market. However, finding the right digital wallet that secure and focus on privacy is essential. Visit our Litecoin Exchange page for the secure wallet.


Litecoin Market Cap

Litecoin Marketbr Cap is


Litecoin Volume

The Current Volume of Litecoin is $2.37B.


Current Circulating Supply

The Current Circulating Supply is 64,315,893.


Max Circulating Supply

The Max Circulating Supply is 84,000,000.

How To Exchange Lite Coin?

Exchange your local currency with Litecoin needs a secure wallet

If you are looking for a profitable digital currency that is not either Bitcoin or Ethereum. Then, Litecoin is the fast-paced and most valuable digital currency today. However, exchanging with Litecoin needs B4U Wallet. Download the B4U Wallet app and start exchanging your local currency with Litecoin. B4U Wallet is secure and privacy protected, so you don’t need to worry about a privacy breach.

Features of LIte Coin?
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  • Current Market Cap Rank
  • Litecoin Market Dominance
  • Market Circulation
  • Current Circulating Supply
  • Max Circulating Supply